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Life Coaching

Success Coaching (sometimes known as Life Coaching) utilizes a proven and specific process to allow you to not only discover your life’s aims and aspirations, but also inspires and empowers you to develop the most effective thoughts, actions and behaviours to make your dreams a reality.


Our collaboration and teamwork will involve using well-established strategic processes in combination with therapeutic methods to help you reach the results YOU desire. Essentially, the process involves helping you to truly understand and observe the negative factors that are holding you back psychologically, in order to help you move forward positively with your intended direction.

It is up to you to choose. Do you want progress or do you want to give excuses. Do you want to give reasons behind failure, or results behind success?! If you are feeling stuck, or you find yourself constantly asking the same question of ‘Is This Really It?’ then my Success Coaching Programme is for you.


My daughter and I have both been to see Christalla for different issues in our lives.  Christalla has helped us go through our Issues having relaxation and hypnotherapy sessions . We have been very happy and it’s reassuring to know that when ever we need any kind of support Christalla is happy to help. Very professional and puts you at ease straight away. My daughter and I are very lucky to have found her. Thanks Christalla for all your support throughout the years.


Maria C


For a free consultation with no obligation, 
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Monday - Friday: 10am - 9pm

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Tel: 07960 326 447


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