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Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervision

Are you a qualified or trainee hypnotherapist seeking Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervision?

I am an Accredited NCH Hypnotherapy Supervisor, I know the benefits of hypnotherapy supervision, and continue to be in supervision myself even though I am no longer obliged to do so.


After I qualified with Quest I was very fortunate to have had excellent supervision and know just how valuable this reflective and non-judgemental support can be. It has helped me in so many ways to develop and grow on my journey as a cognitive hypnotherapist.


Supervision provides the means of review and reflection by a therapist on their work. I've found this to be the best way to hone experience as a therapist. It means we are constantly trying to find ways to improve what we offer our clients. This is done with the assistance of an Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

How long should supervision session be and for how long?

To have meaningful supervision it is considered that supervision should be a minimum of 30 minutes per session, this can be on a weekly, fortnightly or even on a quarterly basis, depending on the supervisee’s wants and needs.

What is supervision?

As your supervisor my role would be to ensure that you are addressing the needs of your clients and to help you to reflect on your practice and find ways to learn and grow. 

I would aim to achieve this through a non-judgemental relationship of trust and transparency between myself and my supervisees – a relationship that is based on safety and mutual respect between myself and supervisee.


A big part of supervision is for the supervisee to review their own work with clients honestly and openly. By being critically reflected upon, it allows for experiential learning for the therapist that they can use in their future therapeutic sessions. Being honest and open with your supervisor, can you make supervision a true learning experience, and not merely a ‘box ticking’ exercise to satisfy the needs of your professional governing body.


One of my main aim is protection of your client, supervision is also about allowing you to identify your own strengths and any areas that need honing, thereby allowing you to develop an ethical and legal practice in a professional manner. It offers a helping hand and an extra head to think through situations in your practice.

In general terms, this is achieved through four core functions of instructing/teaching, whilst encouraging and internal locus of control, supporting/sharing, advising and monitoring/evaluating, in a non-judgemental way. Supervision should, wherever possible, be proactive rather than reactive, so that the therapist is anticipating potential problems and addressing them during supervision, before an ‘emergency’ arises.


As supervision is highly recommended getting the right supervisor to help you is important to enable you to develop and grow as a therapist personally and to help you grow your business too. I am happy to work 1:1, in groups, via Skype, telephone or in person – whatever supervision is the best that supports you, I am based in North London.


As your supervisor I will endeavour to help you to feel supported and ready for any challenges that may occur along the way and would do my best to help you on your Journey!


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